Game Two with Kansas City

393075_10151934288523298_324272312_n   Welcome to Kauffman Stadium.

Yes, Game one has been postponed and will be made up in a doubleheader on Monday.

Dylan Axelrod has the keys to the office mound today. (2 batters hit by pitches)

Grab a coffee and see you at the top of the first.

First Inning – Alejandro De Aza, Jeff Keppinger, Alex Rios,  (3 up 3 down)

Royals – (Royal hit by pitch)(single)(triple)(Royal hit by pitch)

*2 – 0 (ROYALS LEAD)

Second Inning – Adam Dunn(fly out to center), Paul Konerko(single), Conor Gillaspie (pop up left side), Alexei Ramirez (chopper second to first)

Royals – (fly out to right) (single to right)(fly out to left)(single to right)(line out to right)

*2 – 0 (Royals Lead)

Third Inning – Tyler Flowers (out at first) DeWayne Wise (out short to first) De Aza (fly to center)

Royals – (triple)(fly out)(fly out)(walk)(Don Cooper to mound for chat)(fly out to left center)

*2 – 0 (Royals Lead)

Fourth Inning – Keppinger(out at short), Rios(pop out to short), Dunn(walk), Konerko(double), Gillaspie(strikeout),

Royals – (fly out)(fly out to right center)(line drive out to right)

*2 – 0 (rain starting to fall)(Royals Lead) 

Fifth Inning –  Ramirez(out short to first), Flowers(out short to first), Wise(out second to first)

Royals – (out third to first)(soft base hit)(out at first)(base runner out in rundown)

*2 – 0 (Royals Lead)

Sixth Inning – De Aza (bunt ground out to pitcher), Keppinger(fly out right field), Rios(second to first),

Royals – (ground out to second)(fly to right)(single to left)(fly out to left center)

*2 – 0 (Royals Lead)

Seventh Inning –  Dunn (fly out to left), Konerko (fly out to left), Gillaspie (second to first) 

Royals – (pop out to third)(fly out to right)(runner reaches on error E-6)(2 base error, runners at second and third)(third to first for out)

*2 – 0

Eighth Inning –  Ramirez(out third to first), Flowers(single), Wise(pop out to third) , De Aza(single), Keppinger(hit to short,got runner at second),

Royals – (out at first)(pop out to third)(single to right)(pitching change for Sox)(Matt Thornton now pitching)(fly out to left)

*2 – 0

Ninth Inning – Rios(fly to right), Dunn(strikeout), Konerko(fly out to right)

That is the game Gang. Only out second shut out of the season. At this point its Jose Quintana on the mound for us tomorrow in Game 3 tomorrow. Have a good sunday here in Australia and a super Saturday night in the USA. See you at 3:40am Australia for the next game with the Royals

See you at Kauffman Stadium


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