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399617_590459337639897_77003487_n   Afternoon Kids

I know I missed the summary for you for the series with the Tampa Bay Rays. I just wanted to share some thoughts on things I see and reading feedback from the fans.

Overall it was a good series for positive issues. Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn have begun to find some form. Its taken a bit but you can see some confidence returning as they come to the plate.

The loss of Gordon Beckham early in the season is a big loss. I think he was just getting to find his feet. From what I have read he is really anxious to get back but Robin refuses to rush him. Joining him on the 15 Day Disabled List is Gavin Floyd with a Flexor Muscle strain in his throwing elbow. Deunte Heath has been given the nod to replace him for now, with 54 being his jersey number.

April 20 saw Dayan Viciedo head to the DL list because of a strained left oblique and Blake Tekotte got the call from Charlotte and will wear number 18. Blake has since returned to Charlotte.

Jeff Keppinger has had back spasms and is playing game by game.

John Danks is continuing to recovering from shoulder surgery and will be doing slow pitching in minor leagues before being called up. An article by Fred Mitchell, chatting to Robin about the injuries, talked that he sees the glass as half full. Things could be worse but the guys being called up are making the most of the time with the Sox.

Tyler Greene is sitting on top the club batting with an average of .316 in 19 at bats, just one home run.

Addison Reed is just magic to watch work in the late innings and has an ERA of 1.64. If he gets rattled it takes a little for him to get settled back down. A couple of times I wish Robin would’ve gone out to just have a word and get Addison refocused.

Jake Peavy with 32 innings pitched is right now carrying an ERA of 3.38 but that is with 3 wins and one loss.

Yup, its rough right now with the injuries and confidence suffering right now. I can see that everyone is  frustrated and this is bothering them as much as it is us, THE FANS. It may get even harder before it gets better but are you the fans going to point out everything wrong, or just like a few I have met, just love the game and want to see the boys play no matter what.

I know this is different than what you’re use to and I missed getting the dugout notes written, thanks to life taking over. From Thursday to Saturday will be limited contact as I will be away for a personal event. I will though be checking in with you and keeping an eye on how the boys are doing.

There is a massive series coming 3 games with the Texas Rangers BUT, it’s the next series because now the Kansas City Royals are 3 and 1/2 games ahead of us and we need to get on top of this before it gets too wide a margin. I know that we just need to NOT worry about how many games out and just win and things will fall into place.

Don’t forget that the All Star Game Ballot is still open and you still have time to go and vote.

Ok, Kids…I am off to get some sleep. Pack that bag and see you in Texas at Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas






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