Rainout Relaxing


Evening Gang

Woke up to find that the game had been postponed due to rain.  I apologize for not getting to you sooner today but I took some much-needed down time today. It gets pretty full on managing everything and once in awhile you just have to take some time for yourself, so today that is what I did.

I won’t be with you tomorrow for the game as it is ANZAC Day here in Australia. Anzac stands for Australian New Zealand Army Core. We take the day to honor those who have served in the armed forces and especially those who gave their lives for our freedom. If this sounds a slight bit familiar, Memorial Day in the USA. Up for dawn service and other activities, possibly in to the city for the march. I will see you later in the day for Dugout notes, hopefully being able to report on a much-needed win.

Ok, one other thing that is kind of bugging me. I know the boys are struggling right now, I know that there are fans out there who are NOT happy with how things are with the boys. I have seen a lot of the venting on the Facebook pages, I get that you’re frustrated and so am I, but how do you think the boys are feeling? I think that they are just as frustrated as we are, and I know we are venting our frustrations but come on kids, PLEASE do not give up on them. They need us now more than ever. Even though we are frustrated and discouraged how certain players are performing, they STILL need positive support. Here’s a question to those of you who are venting and all about how bad things are, are you going to be there when they are winning and heading to the playoff? Just have a think how you would feel if you were walking in their shoes.

OK, enough venting. I love my boys the Sox and I know we will all be stronger going through this. I just want to see them play no matter what. Being here in Australia I get up sometimes at 3:30 am in the morning to find the game on the internet.   This blog started out as a challenge to myself to follow the White Sox and work on my writing skills and it has turned into so much more.  To those out there who had the faith in me to offer me the opportunity of a lifetime, I can’t Thank You enough.

Alright, enough of my venting about things. Fingers crossed for no rain tomorrow and the boys can get out there. I will see you later in the day for Dugout Notes to send Cleveland on their way and welcome the Tampa Bay Rays to The Cell.

See you at the Cell



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