Here Comes the Cleveland Indians for Game ONE

Matt Thornton

Matt Thornton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Morning All, Hope everyone got some sleep and have grabbed a cup of coffee this morning. I am thankful for a late start today and have things crossed that we can get a much-needed win. Dylan Axelrod is on the mound today. We have a decent video feed with Ken and Steve from the Chicago crew calling so lets got to he top of the first.

Jose Quintana has the mound pass tomorrow for game two.

First Inning – Alejandro De Aza, Jeff Keppinger (single), Alex Rios (walk)  , Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko

*0 – 0

Second Inning – Conor Gillaspie (home run) , Alexei Ramirez , Hector Gimenez (walk) , Jordan Danks, De Aza

*1 – 1 (indians score) (2 – 5 – 1 on that last out) (Gillespie home run)

Third Inning – Keppinger , Rios, Dunn

Fourth Inning — ,Konerko , Gillaspie (walk)(out by force) , Ramirez (single), Gimenez (double) , Danks ,

*2 – 1 (Ramirez score)

Fifth Inning –  De Aza, Keppinger (single)(moves to 2nd on wild pitch)  , Rios, Dunn

*2 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Sixth Inning –  Konerko, Gillaspie , Ramirez,

*2 – 1 (Sox Lead)(Dylan passed the mound duties to Jesse Crain)

Seventh Inning –  Gimenez (hit by pitch) (blake tekotte to run)(out trying to steal) , Danks (walk) , De Aza, Keppinger,

*2 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Eighth Inning – Keppinger,  Rios , Dunn ,

*2 – 3 (Indians Lead)(Tyler Flowers behind plate for Gimenez and Matt Thornton got the mound pass)(E1 – matt overthrew second base)(the walk bites us again)

Ninth Inning –  Konerko, Gillaspie (single)(Tyler Greene running) , Ramirez, Flowers

*2 – 3 (Indians Lead)(Nate Jones now on the mound)

Another home loss. The walk issued by Matt Thornton was the undoing of the great game we were having. It is really frustrating to watch everything finally come together , and then we seem to self destruct in the end. I know its frustrating for us watching but, what in the world is Robin doing to get these guys to a place where we can hold on to win.

OK, enough of my rant for today. Try and have a good day and see you for game two of this three game series.

See you at The Cell


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