A Bit of History and What a Weird Inning.

321561_587998201219344_290982164_nI can’t take credit for this one, it has come across my Facebook Feed. Thanks to Chicago White Sox Nation for this bit, and what a strange one it is. ON this date April 22, 1959  one of the strangest  innings in baseball took place. The White Sox scored 11 runs in one inning on the way to a 20 – 6 win over the Kansas city Royals. What is unique of the event, the eleven runs scored on ONE hit……

WHITE SOX 7TH: GORMAN REPLACED WARD (PITCHING); Ray Boone reached on an error by DeMaestri [Boone to first]; Al Smith reached on an error on a sacrifice bunt by Smith [Boone to second]; Johnny Callison singled to right [Boone scored (unearned) (error by Maris), Smith scored (unearned) (error by Maris), Callison to third]; Luis Aparicio walked; Aparicio stole second; Bob Shaw walked; EARL TORGESON BATTED FOR SAMMY ESPOSITO; FREEMAN REPLACED GORMAN (PITCHING); Torgeson walked (walk was charged to Gorman) [Callison scored, Aparicio to third, Shaw to second]; Nellie Fox walked [Aparicio scored, Shaw to third, Torgeson to second]; Jim Landis forced Shaw (pitcher to catcher) [Torgeson to third, Fox to second]; Sherm Lollar walked [Torgeson scored (unearned), Fox to third, Landis to second]; BRUNET REPLACED FREEMAN (PITCHING); Boone walked [Fox scored (unearned), Landis to third, Lollar to second]; Smith walked [Landis scored (unearned), Lollar to third, Boone to second]; Callison was hit by a pitch [Lollar scored (unearned), Boone to third, Smith to second]; LOU SKIZAS RAN FOR CALLISON; Aparicio walked [Boone scored (unearned), Smith to third, Skizas to second]; Shaw struck out; “BUBBA” PHILLIPS BATTED FOR TORGESON; Phillips walked [Smith scored (unearned), Skizas to third, Aparicio to second]; Fox walked [Skizas scored (unearned), Aparicio to third, Phillips to second]; Landis grounded out (pitcher to first); 11 R, 1 H, 3 E, 3 LOB.

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