Dugout Notes


You will find dugout notes during the home stands when the boys are at The Cell. Road trip notes as we travel. Just a reminder that I will not be with you for the game on ANZAC Day but there will be a Dugout Notes later in the day.

**Game One with the Minnesota Twins 

The opening game of the series was postponed due to extreme cold and rain. Make up date is yet to be announced

**Game Two with the Twins

Could not get a video feed so its Game Cast for today.

Alejandro De Aza hit the first home run of the current home series.

Really going through the pitching staff today.

Extra Innings……2 to 1 lost in 10 innings

**Game Three with the Twins

Minnesota Twins Crew behind the mike today with the feed from ESPN North.

Its Sunday so it was the 1983 uniform

Gordon Beckham has had surgery on his wrist and will be out 6 to 8 weeks. Pitching Coach Don Cooper was back with the boys in the bullpen.

The Twins players were ask what they liked about coming to U.S Cellular Field to play and they all had the same basic answer, the sound system and how loud the tunes were cranked. They want the crew at home to crank the tunes when they get back.

OK, My take on all of this — Gavin Floyd finally pitched some good innings but the guys in the field just could not help him with the bat. I still think that Robin Ventura waiting too long to go out to  the mound and either settle Gavin down or by the bullpen some time to get warmed up.  This is one issue that just can not keep happening. The batting coach also needs to get with some of the guys who are really struggling, Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko, and find out what is going on. This slump is hurting the whole team and something needs to be done. We need to find a way to get everything working all at once, and holding onto  the lead and closing out. It’s discouraging to sit here and watch one thing work and another thing fall apart. I know the fans are discouraged but please don’t give up on the boys, The need us to be positive and supportive as hard as it is. Get out there on Twitter and Facebook and be encouraging and supportive.

Tomorrow the Cleveland Indians come knocking on the door to play three games, then its the Tampa Bay Rays for a four game series before a rostered day off.  Fingers crossed that we can find some form and get a few wins back, we need to keep Detroit  close. They are picked to win the division again.

Have a super day and see you at The Cell for game one with the Indians




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