Closing Game with the Minnesota Twins.

913950_587618811257283_1949040167_o     Morning Kids,

Struggling a little here to get woke up to bring you this game. It was a heartbreaking loss in extra innings yesterday, so lets hope the boys have put it behind them and we can get a win today.  Fingers crossed we can get a video feed today. As far as I know it’s still Gavin Floyd with the pass to the mound today.

A year ago today Philip Humber threw the perfect game.

Grab a coffee and head to the top of the first. It’s the 1983 Uniforms today,even the Sox Mascot is in a 1983 uniform.  Finally got a video feed.

Gordon Beckham had surgery and will be out 6 to 8 weeks

First Inning –  Alejandro De Aza, Jeff Keppinger, Alex Rios

*0 – 0

Second Inning – Paul Konerko, Adam Dunn, Alexei Ramirez

*0 – 0

Third Inning – Conor Gillaspie, Tyler Flowers (single), Dewayne Wise

*0 – 0

Fourth Inning – De Aza (double), Keppinger(RBI sac), Rios(walk), Konerko(single), Dunn,

*1 – 0 (White Sox Lead)( De Aza to third on wild pitch)(Alex tried to steal third and was caught)

Fifth Inning –  Ramirez, Gillaspie, Flowers(walk), Wise,

*1 – 0

Sixth Inning –  De Aza (infield base hit with error), Keppinger(sac fly), Rios, Konerko

*2 – 1 (White Sox Lead) (with bases full Gavin walked the batter)(De Aza scored from third)

Seventh Inning – Dunn (home run)  Ramirez, Gillaspie, Flowers

*5 – 3 (Twins Lead)   (Matt Lindstrom gets the pass from Gavin Floyd)(twins score)(Jesse Crain,Donnie veal up and throwing)(Donnie veal has the mound duties)(here come Robin and there goes Donnie,Jesse Crain to the mound)(twins score a three run double)

Eighth Inning – Wise, De Aza, Keppinger,

*5 – 3 ( Twins Lead)

Ninth Inning –  Rios, Konerko, Dunn

That is the game kids. Minnesota Twins win the 2 game series 2 to 0. Minnesota Twins 5 – Chicago White Sox 3.

Cleveland Indians arrive tomorrow for a three game series. Get some sleep kids, I have a feeling its going to be a long home stand.

See you for the invasion of the Indians tomorrow




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