Closing the Road Trip in Canada

28168_584184834934014_323282742_nG’day kids

Final day of this first 10 game road trip. It’s not been a great start to the season but we had a good win yesterday. It was the first shutout since june of 2007. You will see there are a few changes in the lineup for game four of this series with the Blue Jays. Chris Sale has the start on the mound today,his ERA has blown out to 5.21. Ok, after looking at the standings we are 2 and 1/2 games out of first, with the Tigers on a 4 game winning streak we need everything to fall our way to keep close, just ahead of the Twins(.462) on percentage, the boys sitting on .467.

OK, grab a coffee and cross fingers that I can get a video feed today and let’s go to the top of the first.

First Inning – DeWayne Wise, Jeff Keppinger, Alex Rios (.300, 2 home runs, 3 RBI)

*1(jays score) – 0 (jays stolen bases)          (DETROIT LOST) can make up some ground

Second Inning – Paul Konerko, Adam DunnDayan Viciedo,

*1 – 0

Third Inning –  Alex RamirezConor GillaspieTyler Flowers

*1 – 0 jays lead

Fourth Inning –  Wise,Keppinger, Rios (single), Konerko (walk) , Dunn,

*1 – 0 (jays better hit by pitch)

Fifth Inning – Viciedo (single), Ramirez,Gillaspie

*3 – 0 (two white sox errors) (pitching coach to mound) 

Sixth Inning – Flowers, Wise,Keppinger,

*3 – 0

Seventh Inning –  Rios , Konerko , Dunn

*3 – 0

Eighth Inning – Viciedo(injured) (jordan danks), Ramirez (single),Gillaspie (Tyler Greene – pitch hit), Flowers( double), Wise,

*3 – 1 (ramirez score)(jordan and tyler stay in the game)

Ninth Inning – Keppinger, Rios, Konerko

Final Score Blue Jays – 3 White sox – 1

Really happy we are finally heading home. Maybe getting back to familiar surrounding will help with the confidence.

Pack your bag kids, let’s go home

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