Blue Jays Road Trip Notes

558042_4878982128432_2145280450_n**Game one with the Blue  Jays

Chicago Crew of Ken Harrelson and Steve Stone behind the mike today.

Tyler Greene make his first appearance in a White Sox grey since being picked up from Triple – A Charlotte, prior to this past Sunday’s series with the Indians due to not only Gordon Beckham but Angel Sanchez on the 15-day disabled list with back issues.

Uniform of the day — Grey pants and jerseys with black strip around the arm and down the leg.

As of game time Jeff Keppinger was batting .220, Tyler Flowers batting .182

Sitting in fourth spot on the ladder at game time with a Five win – Seven loss record, which makes us two games out of first.

**Game two with the Jays

Before tonight’s game the boys are two and a half games out of first.

For you NFL fans Pat Summerall the voice of the league for as long as I can remember has passed away age 82.

Uniform of the day is  – Black jerseys with white and grey strip on the arm. Grey pants with black stripe down the leg.

The Blue Jays crew is behind the mike calling todays game.

**Game three with the Jays

I was not able to find a video feed today, all my options were not carrying the game. Game Cast on ESPN was all I had so I don’t have any of the regular info that I normally share with you.

From pictures it looks like it was black jerseys with white trim and lettering.

Jose Quintana got the win and that is his first of the season. Jason Danks made his first appearance in a Sox uniform for the season.

It’s the first shutout in Toronto since June 2007 and its only happened eight times. Tonight’s win help us to pick up a half a game on league leaders Detroit, Kansas City is in second a game and a half ahead of us.

**Game Four with the Jays

Dayan Viciedo was injured at bat and not sure what the injury was, I will not be surprised that he will be out tomorrow for the first meeting with the Minnesota Twins.

I am not sure what is happening with Chris Sale, He is getting rattled easy and with a 5.00. Just feels like Robin might need to have the pitching staff spend  little extra time with him. See if there might be something in the mechanics that needs worked on.

Ken and Steve were behind the mike today and make this girl very happy. I love when they call, just the silliness and they are both so full of knowledge.

Uniform of the day — Grey pants with a black strip, Black jersey with white sleeve trip and white lettering and numbers.

Jose Quintana pitched a solid 6 2/3 innings, another good outing. Not sure what happened from that first appearance but whatever he did, he needs to keep it going.

Nate Jones can in for Chris and held the score to just the three runs.

I know it’s the first road trip and all but things just didn’t feel right. Seemed like everyone was uncomfortable and things just didn’t settle.  We could only manage two wins in a row. Let’s hope going home will bring some confidence, as the Minnesota Twins arrive for a three game series starting tomorrow, the Cleveland Indians invade for a three game series and the Tampa Bay Rays come for their first visit to close out this 20 game series. Heading towards a much-needed day off.

Just a side note, I wont be with you on the 25 of April, due to ANZAC Day in Australia. For those of you who are not familiar with the day, it is similar to Memorial Day in the USA. I will join you later in the day for Dugout notes.

OK Kids, let’s pack and go home.

See you on the field






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