White Sox at Blue Jays Game Two

1366151509     Morning All,

After the events in Boston yesterday this picture came across my twitter feed and I just had to share it. I think it says it all. From the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox

The Staff and crew at the Camelback Ranch send their love and prayers to all in Boston.

Dylan Axelrod opens the office today. He has an ERA of 5.79. Lets hope he has a better day than Gavin Floyd did.

Grab the coffee and let’s go Sox:

First Inning –  Alejandro De Aza, Jeff Keppinger, Alex Rios

*0 – 0

Second Inning  – Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko(single) , Conor Gillaspie (walk) , Dayan Viciedo, Alexei Ramirez (single), Hector Gimenez,

*1 – 1 (konerko scored on a wild pitch)(blue jays home run)

Third Inning – De Aza, Keppinger, Rios,

*1 – 1  (sorry kids. I lost my stream I had and it took a bit to find another feed. No plan C)

Fourth Inning  – Konerko, Gillaspie, Viciedo

*1 – 1

Fifth Inning – Ramirez, Gimenez, De Aza,

*1 – 1 (gimenez throws runner out at second)

Sixth Inning –  Keppinger, Rios,Dunn

*1 – 2 (blue jays home run) 

Seventh Inning –  Konerko (home run), Gillaspie, Viciedo, Ramirez (walk) Gimenez,

*2 – 2  Stretch it out kids. (Hector Santiago has been passed the mound keys)

Eighth Inning –  De Aza, Keppinger, Ríos,

*2 – 2 (Hector heads to the showers to make way for Matt Lindstrom)

Ninth Inning –  Dunn (walk)(replaced by dewayne wise), Konerko(walk), Gillaspie, Viciedo(double), Ramirez(walk), Gimenez(Sac Fly) De Aza, Keppinger, Ríos,

*4 – 3 (wise scores from second)(konerko from third)(addison reed is in the house)(greene and wise in-game)( jays runner from third)

Addison Reed closes the door on the office as that is a much-needed win.

Have a super day and enjoy the win. Fingers crossed we can have a repeat and out two wins together tomorrow. What a confidence boost  for the boys.

See you tomorrow for game three from Toronto

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