Road Trip Notes for the Cleveland Indians

**Game One against the Indians

Hector Gimenez is behind the plate giving Tyler Flowers a well deserved day off.

Uniform of the day is grey solid pants, grey jerseys, black long sleeve t-shirt

Pitching Coach Don Cooper is still recovering from  diverticulitis and hoping to join the team when they return from this road trip.

Ken Harrelson and Steve Stone at the mike today

Been a real pitchers duel, Jose Quintana looked so much better this outing. Very solid and able to get out of any tiny jams that cropped up.

It was heartbreaking to watch that final inning and that run score after all that hard work. Chris Sale has the keys to the office tomorrow and will pass them to Jake Peavy on Sunday.

**Game Two against the Indians. 

Tyler Flowers is back behind the plate today.

Chris Sale could only manage 4 and 1/2 innings. The wheels fell off after a giving up a grand slam.

The Indians crew called the game today. The feed was heaps better and hardly any buffering.

Uniform of the day – Grey Jerseys, Grey Pants,Long Sleeve T-shirts and Black Sweatshirts due to the unusually cold weather.

Question of the day — Who was the last White Sox left-handed pitcher to with 20 games in one season? (answer in tomorrows notes)

**Game Three Against the Indians

Jake Peavy opened on the mound. The very first pitch of the game was hit for a home run, the Indians only run of the game. After that Jake settled and showed some real guts and determination that he was standing his ground.

Indians crew calling the game again today.

Uniform of the day – Grey jerseys, Grey Pants, Long Sleeve T-shirt, black strip on the arm and down the pant leg.

The last time the White Sox lost five on the road was in back in 1972,

Paul Konerko(Dunn on base) and Alejandro De Aza hit the home runs for the Sox

Matt Thornton come on in the eighth inning, Addison Reed turned off the lights in the bottom of the ninth.

Answer to yesterday’s question –  Who was the last White Sox left-handed pitcher to with 20 games in one season? Jim Katt 20 wins in 1975

Gavin Floyd has been given the opening series duties in Toronto.

I saw a tweet which was a link to an article about Manager Ventura and wondering if he was really manager material. Was he really the guy to get us to the World Series. He was really questioning some of Ventura’s calls and had some serious doubts. As I read the article it was really asking some serious questions if he was really the right man for the job.

OK, this is MY opinion — I have some serious questions about a few of the decisions he has made so far. What really got me was that Manager Ventura left Jose Quintana in who was in a real mess instead of pulling him at the beginning of the collapse. The bullpen was working but why didn’t they get up sooner. Chris Sale got into trouble and he would’ve gone out to the mound and settled him as soon as the trouble started. I don’t know how much the weather might have played into things. I just think he would’ve been a little more proactive in preventing the things that turning into disasters and wound up in loses.

28168_584184834934014_323282742_nOK……Pack your bag and grab the passport, we are heading north to Toronto, Canada and our first visit with the Toronto Blue Jays for a four game series. Hoping the weather and the positive things from todays win we can build on and get a few more ticks in the win column, and hopefully lift the boys spirits.

See you in Toronto


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