Game Two in Washington

White Sox

Morning All

What an interesting game that was yesterday. Anything that could happen did and I am almost afraid to see what today bring.

Gavin Floyd is the starting pitcher and with the injury to Gordon Beckham I have no clue what the lineup will be for the game. The batters hit a large amount of foul balls, putting the pitchers on both side through a real workout.

My link is fired up so Cinch it up and hunker down and let’s win this thing. Have a delay in the game starting, so as soon as I have info, will fill you in. (Umpires stuck in traffic)

First Inning – Alejandro De Aza, Jeff Keppinger (single to center) Alex Rios (double) Adam Dunn (grounded to first,Keppinger scored) Paul Konerko. Score 1 – 0 SOX 

Second Inning – Alexei Ramirez, Conor Gillaspie, Tyler Flowers,

* 1 – 0 White Sox

Third Inning –  Gavin Floyd, back to the top with De Aza, Keppinger

* No change in score

Fourth Inning – Rios (single) ,Dunn, Konerko (single) Ramirez

Nationals – home run, run scored from second

* 2 – 1

Fifth Inning – Gillaspie (single)  Flowers (hit into double play)  Floyd

Nationals – run scored from second

*3 – 1

Sixth Inning –  De Aza (double) Keppinger (out,moving Runner to third)  Rios (Out, DeAza scores) Dunn

Nationals-run scored (Donnie Veal up throwing in Bullpen)(run scored)

*5- 2 (Donnie Veal now on the mound)(Nate Jones on mound)

Seventh Inning – Konerko, Ramirez, Gillaspie (single) Flowers

Time for a stretch


Eighth Inning – Dewayne Wise (single)(stole second)  De Aza, Rios

*5-2 Hector Santiago now on the mound

Ninth Inning – Dunn, Ramirez (single) Gillaspie

*5-2 Washington Nationals hold on to WIN

Washington leads the series 2 – to 0 with the final game of the three game series tomorrow night.

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