@The Cell in Game Three against the Seattle Mariners

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Back with you for the final game in the series before a day off. We have visual today so I get to see the 1983 uniforms, which they will be wearing every Sunday during the season.  A slightly different line up today which I will go through with you as the boys come to the plate. Chris Sale is starting today, after a couple of days rest. The boys are tied for the lead with Detroit and Minnesota.

Ken Harrelson and Steve Stone call the games when I have video feed and I do quite enjoy them. They get a little silly and I am still giggling at the term “Duck Snort”

For those of you finding my blog for the first time, I am with you for each game possible, blogging what I see and hear. I set myself the challenge to blog the season not realizing what a big task it was going to be. Its 4am in Australia and I am at my desk, wearing my Chicago White Sox shirt. Will post a pic soon.

Jake Peavy received his Golden Glove today before the game.

Settle back kids, time to play ball……

First Inning – Mariners just hit a home run with a man on 2-0  Here come the Sox with Alejandro De Aza leading off, Alexei Ramirez (stand up double)  on deck and Alex Rios in the hole. Adam Dunn has moved to the on deck circle (Two Run HOMERUN)  D.H Paul Konerko. Tied up at two.

Second Inning – Three up and three down, here comes for the Sox, Danya Viciedo to the plate, Conor Gillaspie on deck and Tyler Flowers in the hole. No change in score.

Third Inning – Chris Sale’s pitch count just hit 40. Gordon Beckham is at the plate and rounds out the batting order for today. De Aza and Ramirez are back for round two at the plate, No change in score

Fourth Inning – No change in score. Runners left on the corners. Rios at the plate, Dunn on deck and Konerko in the hole.

Fifth Inning – No change in score. Chris has settled in and working well. Viciedo at the plate, Gillispe on deck and Flowers in the hole.

Sixth Inning – Home run Seattle, 3 to 2 Beckham closes round two through the batting order, De Aza and Ramirez.

Seventh Inning – What should have been a stand up double Tank (viciedo)  in left gunned the runner down. One gone. Time for a stretch gang. No change in score. Rios,(Home run)  Dunn and Konerko, Viciedo. Its 3 – 3 thanks to Rios home run

Eighth Inning – Chris Sale has gone to the showers, Matt Lindstrom on the mound for the Sox. Becks made a bad throw to Dunn so the runner is safe. Two on with one out, in need of a double play to close the inning, Flowers attempted pick off was no good. Matt gets the strike out so two down with runners still out there. Got out of that jam. Here comes Gillispe,(single) Flowers,(hit into double play) Beckham. Still tied at three all.

Ninth Inning – Matt is done for the day with Jesse Crain taking the ball on the mound. Still tied at three all.  Top of the order again with De Aza, Ramirez, Rios. Pitching Change for Seattle. Alexei is now the winning run at first. Another pitching change for Seattle, Coach ask for a southpaw. Off to the top of the 10th inning,

Tenth Inning – Can we please remember to CALL IT when its a pop up. Tyler nearly had a run in with Adam at first. They have a runner at second, thanks to a stand up double. They put the batter on with a free pass, Jesse held his nerve and we got out of that jam. It’s up to us to end this with Viciedo (Tank)  hitting the winning HOMERUN. 

SOX WIN FOUR TO THREE in ten innings. I must have been away from the computer because I missed Addison Reed getting the save.

It’s a day off tomorrow, which means its time for some stats. Pack a bag as we go  on the road for a 10 game run with the first stop at Washington D.C with a three game series with the Nationals , then to my home state of Ohio for a visit with the Cleveland Indians, we finish up heading to Tornato for a four game visit with the Blue Jay’s before returning home for another 10 game home stand before a day off.

Have a super day and see you on the field.



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