Welcome the Seattle Marniers

No video today just audio as the feed is from the Seattle radio.882648_10151878039003298_259594397_o  Just a reminder I will be away for tomorrows game but back for Sunday in the USA.

Seattle is at The Cell for a three game series before a day off on Monday and remember to pack your bag because we are on the road to the Washington Nationals.

Top of first – Jose Quintana is todays pitcher.  Mariners got a homer to right to take a one to nothing lead. In the bottom its Alejandro De Aza, Jeff KeppingerAlex Rios (Single – reach on an error), Adam Dunn, Rios just stole second. One duck left on the pond so it’s on to the second.

Second Inning – Mariners are three up and three down. At the plate is Paul KonerkoDayan Viciedo on deck and Alexei Ramirez in the hole. Empty bases, so it’s on to the third.

Third Inning – Stolen base, runner now at second. With a walk  has runners  on first and second.Got out of that jam and the score is still 1 – 0. Tyler Flowers at the plate, Gordon Beckham rounds at the batting order first time through and its back to the top with De Aza.  De Aza tried a bunt but the third baseman managed to throw him out. Off to the fourth.

Fourth Inning – Duck on the pond thanks to a walk. Houston Astros are the first team to move from the National League to the American League. A pick off of the baserunner closes out the top of the fourth. First duck for the White sox’s Adam Dunn with a two out single, holy crap—–DUNN just stole second base!!!!! WE got ourselves a ball game kids, Paulie with a single, gets Adam all the way home. It’s a ONE ALL ballgame. One run with two hits and a duck left on the pond to tie the game. heading to the fifth.

Fifth Inning – Quintana error caused ducks at the corners. That error just cost the Sox so it’s a 2 – 1 lead for the Mariners. This is a bloody nightmare, TWO more runs have scored so it’s a 4 to 1 lead now to Seattle.  Quintana needs to hit the shower, Come on gang, that was a RBI triple to the corner making it 5 to 1, make that 6 – 1. COME ON COACH VENTURA , PULL QUINTANA! Nobody out, Matt Lindstrom is warming up. FINALLY here come Coach Ventura and Quintana is finished. Come on Matt, end this nightmare. FINALLY, double play (6,4,3) Thank god, that mess is finally over, lets see if the boys can get their crap back together and get some runs back.

Ramirez with an infield base hit, Flowers to the plate, Beckham on deck, Flowers hitting a ground rule double, now with Sox at second and third, Beckham hit a sacrifice fly to deep center and Ramirez tags and scores from third to make it 6 to 2. HOT DAMN KIDS TWO RUN HOMER- DE AZA with the two run homer. 6  – 4. HOT DAMN KIDS Rios with a homer makes it a ONE RUN game. 6 to 5. End of the inning and we are down by one. On to the sixth.

Sixth Inning – no change in score. Sox up and the tying run on first. One runner left stranded at second so let go seven up.

Seventh Inning – Pitching Change sees Matt Lindstrom head to the showers and Donald Veal takes up residence. 6-4-3 double play. Lets have a stretch kids.Gordon has a good start with a single up the middle, he presents the tying run, De Aza gets a hit and winds up at first moving Becks to second. Keppie is out but movies Becks and DeAza around with Alex Rios to the plate. COME ON KIDS MAKE SOME NOISE!!!! We are tied up their kids, RBI ground out for Rios, 6 all, end of seven and its a tie score.

Eighth Inning – Jesse Crane taking up residence on the mound.three up and three down. Paul is at the plate, line drive out at third. Danya grounds out to third. That’s three out, lets see if we can hold them in the top of the 9th and win this thing.

NInth Inning – Wise in center, DeAza from center to left and Viciedo out. Nate Jones takes over the pitching duties. Three up and three down. It’s up to the boys to pull this one out in the bottom of the ninth. Tyler at bat and a ground out, Becks flies out, De Aza out and its extra innings, snack time kids.

10th inning – Seattle just scored to take the lead 7 -6. Insurance run makes it 8 to 6, just took a single but they waved him home. GOT HIM, Tyler what a man. Runners on the corners, with Wise at the plate, Rios scores on a Wise single which now has runners on the corners. 8 – 7, THAT makes bases loaded, two out with Tyler at the plate.

That is the game kids.

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