Final Series with Kansas City @The Cell

Morning Kids, img_0053.jpg

Just waiting for the game to start and playing a little catch up on things. This is the last of the opening game series with the Royals. Gavin Floyd makes his first 2013 start on the mound with Tyler Flowers his catcher for today. Will walk you through the lineup as the game progresses. Just checking the league standings, we are currently sharing first place with the Cleveland Indians as the Detroit Tigers lost to the Minnesota Twins 3-2. The Seattle Mariners make their first visit of the season to The Cell for the start of a three game series before a day off on Monday and then its time to pack the bag kids it’s the first road trip of the season. OK, off to make a coffee and will be back with you at the start of the game.

Settle in Kids, Its game time……..

Here we come in the bottom of the first, Alejandro De Aza, Jeff Keppinger, Alex Rios. No ducks on base so it’s a simple three up and three down inning.

Bottom of the second sees, KC with a guy stranded at second and Adam Dunn heading to lead of the inning with Paul Konerko on deck and Dayan Viciedo in the hole.

Bottom of the third and Gavin is looking really good, strong and settled in fairly quick in my book, holding K.C to just one hit and at the plate sees, Alexei Ramirez, on deck is Tyler Flowers (first duck on the pond with a walk)  and Gordon Beckham (Single and moves Tyler to third)  once again will round out the batting order for today. Two left on the corners and its off to the fourth inning.

Top of fourth, Gavin has thrown 60 pitches to this point, he’s looking solid and getting the job done with very little work. Still no score and I have a feeling it might be a long afternoon. Lost my audio so it’s really TOO quiet. Rios with a single to center, and he was left on base to close the inning

Fifth Inning sees Gavin’s pitch count heading over 70, just issued his first walk of the game. Miscommunication between Gavin and Tyler allows a base hit and ducks on the corners. The walk just bit Gavin and K.C has their first run off the out at first. It’s another run thanks to an E-8, runner at second so that’s a 2-0 K.C lead. Another single has made it a 3-0 lead. Finally out of the inning but the damage is done for now. Time for the boys to take it up a notch and get those runs back. Tyler just walked so we have another duck on the pond. Gordon hits a single and sends Tyler to third, come on and make some NOISE. De Aza gets on the pond and Tyler heads for home making it a 3-1 game.

Sixth Inning Three up and three down, Rios with a single, One duck left playing on the pond as we head to the seventh inning still down by 2.

Seventh Inning – sees Gavin done for the day and moving on to the mound is Hector Santiago. Hector got out of a jam finally finding the strike zone. Stretch time kids. We have ducks at first and second and one out. Tyler is on third and Gordon is still at first. NO luck kids, and we are off to the eighth inning.

Eighth Inning – First double play of the game in our favor, need two to tie and three to go ahead. That is three up and three down.

Ninth Inning – ok Kids, its do or die here, we need two to send it to extra innings or three will win it. Tyler on base thanks to a walk, Beckham at the plate, and hits single to get on, that is his fourth single of the day.

NO LUCK kids and that is the ball game. Time to wave so long to the Kansas City Royals  and await the arrival of the Seattle Mariners. Pitching was good and solid but I think once again it was simple mistakes that cost us.  It’s a 7:10 p.m Chicago Start, 10:40am Saturday morning here in Australia. I will not be able to be with you for the Saturday game due to other commitments.

OK, Have a super day and I will see you on the field


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