NOW The Fun Begins

The sun has set at the Camelback Ranch and what an amazing season its been. Watching from Australia there has not been a much to write about, but that is about to change, when at 6 am Tuesday morning the alarm goes off. OK, I hear you going, “OK, she has lost the plot?” Being hours ahead of the USA it’s the time I have to get up to be able to watch Chris Sale throw the first pitch at “The Cell”.

I am excited but also realize the task I set myself is finally here. To blog the season with the boys, all the ups  and downs, and everything that come with it. Just a reminder as you join me on this journey, this is MY view, what I see sitting half way around the world during this season. I am looking at writing for each series throughout the regular season. I like keeping stats, and will do my best to keep things simple but updated as often as possible. Right now it feels like the road is extremely long but once things get moving time is going to pass quickly.

What I am getting on my Twitter feed is that the Detroit Tigers are the ones to beat in the American League Central but what ever do not count the Boys out. There are a few things that need settled and that will happen on the field as the season goes.

How amazing are things for Chris Sale, his recent birthday, his college Alma Mater playing the NCAA Basketball Tournament and tomorrow the opening day pitcher. I can not even imagine what he is going through tonight. I wonder if he is even able to get some sleep? Good Luck Chris, Have an amazing day, take it all in and enjoy the moment.

Good luck to everyone associated with the Chicago White Sox, the players, coaching staff and everyone in  the front office. Its going to be an amazing year and I can’t wait to see what happens, on this unknown journey we are about to take.

All that is left for me to do is make sure my White Sox shirt is out and ready to wear tomorrow, the alarm is set and my note pad is ready.

Get some sleep gang, tomorrow the real fun begins

See you on the field





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