April 2013

Day Off Stuff

399617_590459337639897_77003487_n   Afternoon Kids

I know I missed the summary for you for the series with the Tampa Bay Rays. I just wanted to share some thoughts on things I see and reading feedback from the fans.

Overall it was a good series for positive issues. Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn have begun to find some form. Its taken a bit but you can see some confidence returning as they come to the plate.

The loss of Gordon Beckham early in the season is a big loss. I think he was just getting to find his feet. From what I have read he is really anxious to get back but Robin refuses to rush him. Joining him on the 15 Day Disabled List is Gavin Floyd with a Flexor Muscle strain in his throwing elbow. Deunte Heath has been given the nod to replace him for now, with 54 being his jersey number.

April 20 saw Dayan Viciedo head to the DL list because of a strained left oblique and Blake Tekotte got the call from Charlotte and will wear number 18. Blake has since returned to Charlotte.

Jeff Keppinger has had back spasms and is playing game by game.

John Danks is continuing to recovering from shoulder surgery and will be doing slow pitching in minor leagues before being called up. An article by Fred Mitchell, chatting to Robin about the injuries, talked that he sees the glass as half full. Things could be worse but the guys being called up are making the most of the time with the Sox.

Tyler Greene is sitting on top the club batting with an average of .316 in 19 at bats, just one home run.

Addison Reed is just magic to watch work in the late innings and has an ERA of 1.64. If he gets rattled it takes a little for him to get settled back down. A couple of times I wish Robin would’ve gone out to just have a word and get Addison refocused.

Jake Peavy with 32 innings pitched is right now carrying an ERA of 3.38 but that is with 3 wins and one loss.

Yup, its rough right now with the injuries and confidence suffering right now. I can see that everyone is  frustrated and this is bothering them as much as it is us, THE FANS. It may get even harder before it gets better but are you the fans going to point out everything wrong, or just like a few I have met, just love the game and want to see the boys play no matter what.

I know this is different than what you’re use to and I missed getting the dugout notes written, thanks to life taking over. From Thursday to Saturday will be limited contact as I will be away for a personal event. I will though be checking in with you and keeping an eye on how the boys are doing.

There is a massive series coming 3 games with the Texas Rangers BUT, it’s the next series because now the Kansas City Royals are 3 and 1/2 games ahead of us and we need to get on top of this before it gets too wide a margin. I know that we just need to NOT worry about how many games out and just win and things will fall into place.

Don’t forget that the All Star Game Ballot is still open and you still have time to go and vote.


Ok, Kids…I am off to get some sleep. Pack that bag and see you in Texas at Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas






Game TWO with the Rays

379843_589305471088617_821322595_n     Morning Kids,

What a great win yesterday and fingers crossed we can do just as well today. Jake Peavy is on the mound today, Jordan Danks in Centerfield replacing Dewayne Wise who was a late withdrawal because of a stiff neck.

Need to send a HUGE thumbs up to http://www.vipboxsports.me for their great stream. It’s a great picture hardly any buffering.

Grab a cuppa and a snack and will see you in the bottom of the first.

*0 – 0 (#whiff for jake) Jake struck out 2 that inning

First Inning – Alejandro De Aza, Tyler Greene, Alex Rios

*0 – 0

Second Inning –  Adam Dunn (double), Paul Konerko, Conor Gillaspie, Alexei Ramirez,

*0 – 0

Third Inning –  Hector Gimenez, Jordan Danks, De aza,

*1 – 0 (Rays Home Run)

Fourth Inning – Greene (single)(out by force), Rios (fielders choice)(stolen base), Dunn(single) , Konerko(single), Gillaspie,  Ramirez

*3 – 1 (Rays Home Run) (runner from third)(rios from second)

Fifth Inning – Gimenez (Home Run) , Danks,De Aza (single), Greene (home run) , Rios, Dunn,

*3 -4( jake threw SIX pitches and the inning was over)(Gimenez home run)(Greene home run) (SOX LEAD)

Sixth Inning – Konerko, Gillaspie (Home Run), Ramirez, Gimenez,

*5 – 3 (Sox Lead)(Gillaspie Home Run)

Seventh Inning – Danks, De Aza, Greene,

*5 – 3 (Sox Lead) (Peavy hit 100 pitches)(robin to the mound and jake is off to the showers)(Matt Thornton in the office)

Eighth Inning –  Rios, Dunn, Konerko, Gillaspie, Ramirez, Gimenez,  Danks, De Aza, Greene,

*5 – 3 (Jesse Crain now on the mound)

Ninth Inning – Here comes Addison Reed to close it out, (after a review Rays double stands)

*5 – 4 (Rays score)

HE GONE! That is the game. Sox WIN 5 to 4.

What bloody nerve Addison holding on and was not going to be beaten. That is a THREE game winning streak. I won’t be with you during the game tomorrow but I will post a write-up later in the day for me. Have a super rest of your evening or day here in Australia and I will see you for game three with Gavin Floyd getting the call to the mound

See you at The Cell




Swimming with the Tampa Bay Rays

305761_589249641094200_2033116706_n     Morning Gang,

Time to welcome the Tampa Bay Rays for a four game series. Chris Sale is opening the pitching with tentatively, Jake Peavy, Gavin Floyd and Dylan Axelrod to take the starting pitcher duties.

The all-star ballot is now out. http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2013/ballot.jsp

Grab a coffee and will see you at the bottom of the first.

First Inning – Alejandro De Aza (double), Jeff Keppinger (double), Alex Rios (walk), Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko (single), Conor Gillaspie , Alexei Ramirez

*3 – 1 (White sox Lead) (mistake allowed a run, rays score)(De Aza scored on Keppinger double)(Keppinger scored from second)(Rios scored from second)

Second Inning –   Tyler Flowers, Dewayne Wise, De Aza,

*3 – 1 (Sox lead)( Don Cooper to the mound)(Sale pitch count already at 40)

Third Inning –  Keppinger, Rios, Dunn,

*3 – 2 (Sox lead)(Rays Home run)

Fourth Inning –  Konerko, Gillaspie (walk)(thrown out at home) , Ramirez (double), Flowers ,

*3 – 2 (Sox Lead)(5 strike outs for Chris) 

Fifth Inning – Wise, De Aza,  Keppinger,

*3 – 2

Sixth Inning –  Rios (walk), Dunn(HOME RUN) , Konerko, Gillaspie (walk), Ramirez, Flowers

*5 – 2 (Sox lead)(Home Run by Dunn with Rios on)

Seventh Inning –  Wise, De Aza,  Keppinger (single) , Rios (single) , Dunn,

*5 – 2 (Sox Lead)(Nate Jones up in the bullpen)

Eight Inning — Konerko, Gillaspie, Ramirez, Flowers, Wise, De aza, Keppinger, Rios, Dunn,

*5 — 2 (Sox Lead)(Matt Thornton on the mound)

Ninth Inning — Addison Reed in to close things out.

HE GONE and that is the game kids. White Sox Win by a score of 5 to 2.

Big congrats to the boys, It was a solid win, small steps and you could see some confidence start to grow. The win has us THREE games out of first. A game and a half behind the Twins and the Tigers who lost to the Royals today in 10 innings by a score of 8 to 3

Game two tomorrow with Jake Peavy getting the call to the mound.

See you at The Cell


Dugout Notes with the Indians


Morning — Its ANZAC day here in Australia. Please take a moment to remember those who gave their lives, so we can be free.

**Game one with the Indians

Chicago Crew of Ken and Steve calling the game today. Video feed was pretty good with only a couple of times I had issues with it needing to buffer.

Uniform of the day — Pinstripe –  White background with black stripe, lettering and numbers

Hector Gimenez was injured late in the game being hit by a pitch in the inside of his ankle. At the time of writing this I had no update as to the extent of the injury. He was having issues putting full weight on the ankle and most likely went for extras.

Wednesday’s game is a day game to help the Indians arrive at a decent hour for their next set of games.

**Game two with the Indians

Todays game was rained out and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Late news I am seeing is that Hector Gimenez is fine after being hit by a pitch

**Game three with the Indians

We finally got a win today. 3 to 2. Alejandro De Aza got on with a walk and stole second. Jeff Keppinger ripped a single to center which scored De Aza. In the fifth inning with Keppinger on base Alex Rios hit a home run to left (364 feet)

Jose Quintana pitched 5 innings, Nate Jones (2 innings), Matt Thornton (0.2), Jesse Crain (0.1) and Addison Reed racked up save number 6.

Had to use gamecast to catch you up today, Checking on things we are three and a half games out of first, with the Royals leading and the Twins only a game behind them. We are two games behind the Tigers.

Fingers crossed that we can build on small steps here as the Tampa Bay Rays are in for a four game series.

The All-Star Ballot has been released: The game is July 16 at Citi Field, in New York, home of the New York Mets.


Come kids, Lets get the boys on the team. Every vote counts, no matter where you are in the world.

See you tomorrow when we welcome the Tampa Bay Rays


Rainout Relaxing


Evening Gang

Woke up to find that the game had been postponed due to rain.  I apologize for not getting to you sooner today but I took some much-needed down time today. It gets pretty full on managing everything and once in awhile you just have to take some time for yourself, so today that is what I did.

I won’t be with you tomorrow for the game as it is ANZAC Day here in Australia. Anzac stands for Australian New Zealand Army Core. We take the day to honor those who have served in the armed forces and especially those who gave their lives for our freedom. If this sounds a slight bit familiar, Memorial Day in the USA. Up for dawn service and other activities, possibly in to the city for the march. I will see you later in the day for Dugout notes, hopefully being able to report on a much-needed win.

Ok, one other thing that is kind of bugging me. I know the boys are struggling right now, I know that there are fans out there who are NOT happy with how things are with the boys. I have seen a lot of the venting on the Facebook pages, I get that you’re frustrated and so am I, but how do you think the boys are feeling? I think that they are just as frustrated as we are, and I know we are venting our frustrations but come on kids, PLEASE do not give up on them. They need us now more than ever. Even though we are frustrated and discouraged how certain players are performing, they STILL need positive support. Here’s a question to those of you who are venting and all about how bad things are, are you going to be there when they are winning and heading to the playoff? Just have a think how you would feel if you were walking in their shoes.

OK, enough venting. I love my boys the Sox and I know we will all be stronger going through this. I just want to see them play no matter what. Being here in Australia I get up sometimes at 3:30 am in the morning to find the game on the internet.   This blog started out as a challenge to myself to follow the White Sox and work on my writing skills and it has turned into so much more.  To those out there who had the faith in me to offer me the opportunity of a lifetime, I can’t Thank You enough.

Alright, enough of my venting about things. Fingers crossed for no rain tomorrow and the boys can get out there. I will see you later in the day for Dugout Notes to send Cleveland on their way and welcome the Tampa Bay Rays to The Cell.

See you at the Cell



Honoring Jackie Robinson

DM531     On April 15th each year besides being Income Tax Day it’s also Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball. It was a little strange that day seeing everyone in the same number “42” but as the game went on I was learning a few things and have had to go do a little reading of my own to truly understand the change this man-made to the world of baseball.

Jackie was born Jack Roosevelt Robinson on October 31, 1919 and left us on October 24, 1972. Jackie broke the baseball color line when the Brooklyn Dodgers played him at first base on April 15, 1947, that move ended the black players being regulated to the “Negro Leagues” for six decades.

Jackie Robinson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962. it wasn’t until  1997, retired his uniform number, 42, across all major league teams. That  was the first time a pro athlete in any sport to be so honored. Any player who was still wearing 42 was allowed to keep the number. Current player Mariano Rivera is the only active player left still allowed to continue to wear the number.  Initiated for the first time on April 15, 2004, Major League Baseball has adopted a new annual tradition, “Jackie Robinson Day“, on which every player on every team wears #42.

Mr. Robinson was a Second Lieutenant   in the Army and was given an honorable discharge for refusing to move to the back of a bus, and that happened eleven year before  Rosa Parks.

In junior high school Jackie played on the same team with Future Baseball Hall of Famers, Ted Williams and Bob Lemon. Jackie was elected to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot receiving 77.5% of the voting

This was an amazing man with a wonderful career. He was only 53 when he passed away. He would have been full of knowledge and the stories I get he could tell about many amazing events.

There is plenty to read out there about his life and what happened, I have only touched the surface here. I encourage you to get out there and do some reading of your own. See what little nugget you can discover about a truly amazing man named……

Jackie Robinson




Here Comes the Cleveland Indians for Game ONE

Matt Thornton

Matt Thornton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Morning All, Hope everyone got some sleep and have grabbed a cup of coffee this morning. I am thankful for a late start today and have things crossed that we can get a much-needed win. Dylan Axelrod is on the mound today. We have a decent video feed with Ken and Steve from the Chicago crew calling so lets got to he top of the first.

Jose Quintana has the mound pass tomorrow for game two.

First Inning – Alejandro De Aza, Jeff Keppinger (single), Alex Rios (walk)  , Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko

*0 – 0

Second Inning – Conor Gillaspie (home run) , Alexei Ramirez , Hector Gimenez (walk) , Jordan Danks, De Aza

*1 – 1 (indians score) (2 – 5 – 1 on that last out) (Gillespie home run)

Third Inning – Keppinger , Rios, Dunn

Fourth Inning — ,Konerko , Gillaspie (walk)(out by force) , Ramirez (single), Gimenez (double) , Danks ,

*2 – 1 (Ramirez score)

Fifth Inning –  De Aza, Keppinger (single)(moves to 2nd on wild pitch)  , Rios, Dunn

*2 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Sixth Inning –  Konerko, Gillaspie , Ramirez,

*2 – 1 (Sox Lead)(Dylan passed the mound duties to Jesse Crain)

Seventh Inning –  Gimenez (hit by pitch) (blake tekotte to run)(out trying to steal) , Danks (walk) , De Aza, Keppinger,

*2 – 1 (Sox Lead)

Eighth Inning – Keppinger,  Rios , Dunn ,

*2 – 3 (Indians Lead)(Tyler Flowers behind plate for Gimenez and Matt Thornton got the mound pass)(E1 – matt overthrew second base)(the walk bites us again)

Ninth Inning –  Konerko, Gillaspie (single)(Tyler Greene running) , Ramirez, Flowers

*2 – 3 (Indians Lead)(Nate Jones now on the mound)

Another home loss. The walk issued by Matt Thornton was the undoing of the great game we were having. It is really frustrating to watch everything finally come together , and then we seem to self destruct in the end. I know its frustrating for us watching but, what in the world is Robin doing to get these guys to a place where we can hold on to win.

OK, enough of my rant for today. Try and have a good day and see you for game two of this three game series.

See you at The Cell


A Bit of History and What a Weird Inning.

321561_587998201219344_290982164_nI can’t take credit for this one, it has come across my Facebook Feed. Thanks to Chicago White Sox Nation for this bit, and what a strange one it is. ON this date April 22, 1959  one of the strangest  innings in baseball took place. The White Sox scored 11 runs in one inning on the way to a 20 – 6 win over the Kansas city Royals. What is unique of the event, the eleven runs scored on ONE hit……

WHITE SOX 7TH: GORMAN REPLACED WARD (PITCHING); Ray Boone reached on an error by DeMaestri [Boone to first]; Al Smith reached on an error on a sacrifice bunt by Smith [Boone to second]; Johnny Callison singled to right [Boone scored (unearned) (error by Maris), Smith scored (unearned) (error by Maris), Callison to third]; Luis Aparicio walked; Aparicio stole second; Bob Shaw walked; EARL TORGESON BATTED FOR SAMMY ESPOSITO; FREEMAN REPLACED GORMAN (PITCHING); Torgeson walked (walk was charged to Gorman) [Callison scored, Aparicio to third, Shaw to second]; Nellie Fox walked [Aparicio scored, Shaw to third, Torgeson to second]; Jim Landis forced Shaw (pitcher to catcher) [Torgeson to third, Fox to second]; Sherm Lollar walked [Torgeson scored (unearned), Fox to third, Landis to second]; BRUNET REPLACED FREEMAN (PITCHING); Boone walked [Fox scored (unearned), Landis to third, Lollar to second]; Smith walked [Landis scored (unearned), Lollar to third, Boone to second]; Callison was hit by a pitch [Lollar scored (unearned), Boone to third, Smith to second]; LOU SKIZAS RAN FOR CALLISON; Aparicio walked [Boone scored (unearned), Smith to third, Skizas to second]; Shaw struck out; “BUBBA” PHILLIPS BATTED FOR TORGESON; Phillips walked [Smith scored (unearned), Skizas to third, Aparicio to second]; Fox walked [Skizas scored (unearned), Aparicio to third, Phillips to second]; Landis grounded out (pitcher to first); 11 R, 1 H, 3 E, 3 LOB.

Dugout Notes


You will find dugout notes during the home stands when the boys are at The Cell. Road trip notes as we travel. Just a reminder that I will not be with you for the game on ANZAC Day but there will be a Dugout Notes later in the day.

**Game One with the Minnesota Twins 

The opening game of the series was postponed due to extreme cold and rain. Make up date is yet to be announced

**Game Two with the Twins

Could not get a video feed so its Game Cast for today.

Alejandro De Aza hit the first home run of the current home series.

Really going through the pitching staff today.

Extra Innings……2 to 1 lost in 10 innings

**Game Three with the Twins

Minnesota Twins Crew behind the mike today with the feed from ESPN North.

Its Sunday so it was the 1983 uniform

Gordon Beckham has had surgery on his wrist and will be out 6 to 8 weeks. Pitching Coach Don Cooper was back with the boys in the bullpen.

The Twins players were ask what they liked about coming to U.S Cellular Field to play and they all had the same basic answer, the sound system and how loud the tunes were cranked. They want the crew at home to crank the tunes when they get back.

OK, My take on all of this — Gavin Floyd finally pitched some good innings but the guys in the field just could not help him with the bat. I still think that Robin Ventura waiting too long to go out to  the mound and either settle Gavin down or by the bullpen some time to get warmed up.  This is one issue that just can not keep happening. The batting coach also needs to get with some of the guys who are really struggling, Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko, and find out what is going on. This slump is hurting the whole team and something needs to be done. We need to find a way to get everything working all at once, and holding onto  the lead and closing out. It’s discouraging to sit here and watch one thing work and another thing fall apart. I know the fans are discouraged but please don’t give up on the boys, The need us to be positive and supportive as hard as it is. Get out there on Twitter and Facebook and be encouraging and supportive.

Tomorrow the Cleveland Indians come knocking on the door to play three games, then its the Tampa Bay Rays for a four game series before a rostered day off.  Fingers crossed that we can find some form and get a few wins back, we need to keep Detroit  close. They are picked to win the division again.

Have a super day and see you at The Cell for game one with the Indians




Closing Game with the Minnesota Twins.

913950_587618811257283_1949040167_o     Morning Kids,

Struggling a little here to get woke up to bring you this game. It was a heartbreaking loss in extra innings yesterday, so lets hope the boys have put it behind them and we can get a win today.  Fingers crossed we can get a video feed today. As far as I know it’s still Gavin Floyd with the pass to the mound today.

A year ago today Philip Humber threw the perfect game.

Grab a coffee and head to the top of the first. It’s the 1983 Uniforms today,even the Sox Mascot is in a 1983 uniform.  Finally got a video feed.

Gordon Beckham had surgery and will be out 6 to 8 weeks

First Inning –  Alejandro De Aza, Jeff Keppinger, Alex Rios

*0 – 0

Second Inning – Paul Konerko, Adam Dunn, Alexei Ramirez

*0 – 0

Third Inning – Conor Gillaspie, Tyler Flowers (single), Dewayne Wise

*0 – 0

Fourth Inning – De Aza (double), Keppinger(RBI sac), Rios(walk), Konerko(single), Dunn,

*1 – 0 (White Sox Lead)( De Aza to third on wild pitch)(Alex tried to steal third and was caught)

Fifth Inning –  Ramirez, Gillaspie, Flowers(walk), Wise,

*1 – 0

Sixth Inning –  De Aza (infield base hit with error), Keppinger(sac fly), Rios, Konerko

*2 – 1 (White Sox Lead) (with bases full Gavin walked the batter)(De Aza scored from third)

Seventh Inning – Dunn (home run)  Ramirez, Gillaspie, Flowers

*5 – 3 (Twins Lead)   (Matt Lindstrom gets the pass from Gavin Floyd)(twins score)(Jesse Crain,Donnie veal up and throwing)(Donnie veal has the mound duties)(here come Robin and there goes Donnie,Jesse Crain to the mound)(twins score a three run double)

Eighth Inning – Wise, De Aza, Keppinger,

*5 – 3 ( Twins Lead)

Ninth Inning –  Rios, Konerko, Dunn

That is the game kids. Minnesota Twins win the 2 game series 2 to 0. Minnesota Twins 5 – Chicago White Sox 3.

Cleveland Indians arrive tomorrow for a three game series. Get some sleep kids, I have a feeling its going to be a long home stand.

See you for the invasion of the Indians tomorrow