Heading Towards Closing the Ranch

2012_06_chris_saleChecking the calendar this morning I can see its 9 games in 9 days as we head towards closing things out at Camelback Ranch and heading to home in Chicago. Its been interesting keeping an eye on how things are going. Another three losses since I last caught up with you. I know there are still cobwebs to blow out and all and sure the last little things that are going to creep in and cause minor issues that need to be addressed now before the road to October begins.

Want to thank Paul Schneider for the information on Chris Sale who has been given the nod as the Opening Day pitcher against the Kansas City Royals. Being a Jake Peavy fan I was really hoping that he would get the first ball of the season but I know he will be excited for him. Right now he has a 4.38 era but I am hoping that he can get that down once the season starts. He is a 6’6″ left-handed who I think has a really good future with the Sox.

March 28 is a day off before closing the ranch office with two games with the Milwaukee Brewers. Then its pack up and head to home and U.S. Cellular Field. Even at the time of writing this I am starting to get excited about the new season, tracking everyone and watching the games. I originally started this blog as a challenge to myself, to work on improving my writing and to help me have something from home to look forward to. I may be living is Australia but I still missing those little things from home.

Bring on April one and a wake up time of 6:40 am so I can be a part of opening day and seeing Chris Sale and the rest of the boys begin that journey towards October.

See you on the field

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