Spring Training

Spring training - A Cactus League game between...

Spring training – A Cactus League game between the Cubs and the White Sox at HoHoKam Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a bit of a challenge now. That is tracking games for the White Sox. It does not help that I live outside the USA so my options are limited until the season gets into full swing. Facebook and Twitter are my best mates at the moment for getting my daily fix of baseball and my boys at the office at the Camelback Ranch. I am really excited for the season, the boys are looking really good from all the reports that I am seeing. The current results are as follows:

Saturday the 23 of February was against the Dodgers and that was a 9 – 0 win. Dylan Axelrod threw three scoreless innings. Alex Rios and Gordon Beckman both went 2 – 2 with the bat.

Sunday the 24th of February was once again with the Dodgers and ended in a two all tie.

Monday the 25th of February was a 9 – 9 all with the San Francisco Giants.  It took til the seventh inning for the boys to fire up the bats and rally back for a tie. Jared Mitchell two run triple at the beginning of the sixth inning got the boys fired up

Tuesday starts a two game series with the Texas Rangers and close out February with a game against the Milwaukee Brewers. March is full of Cactus League games before heading home to Chicago and opening day at U.S Cellular Field on April one against the Kansas city Royals.

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