15 Days and Counting

Sox PhotoThree days to go and the Pitchers and Catchers report to the ranch, with the full squad on the 17th.

Its been exciting to see more of the Camel Back Ranch tweets appearing in my news feed. (@camelbackranch on twitter) They are in Glendale, Arizona. I have seen some of the country out west and know that it is just stunning. You can also find them on instagram.

At the writing of this entry there is not much to share on the player front. Mainly finishing up last-minute  preseason things and getting ready to travel.

I love watching baseball and even played some ball growing up. The outfield is safe because not much really goes on. The infield can be a dangerous place at times with the ball being hit or thrown all over the place, slide ins and getting spiked. Of course there are those massive slides into home plate and the dust flies leaving no clue if the ball made it or the guy sliding was even safe. How the throw from the outfield has to be pinpoint accurate to get there before the runner.

I have the most respect for the pitcher and all that he goes through. I can’t even begin to imagine the stress and pressure to throw well let alone be accurate under that kind of pressure. I have always been a big fan of pitchers and I remember last year being on the edge of my seat each pitch and Philip Humber‘s perfect game. I get to wondering if the really know what is going on or they just out it out of their mind and just work. I would love to get in the mind of a pitcher and really have them talk me through the process of a game. My favorite pitcher at the Sox is Jake Peavy. Yea, he is making the bucks but he is bloody good at what he does and I would love to be able to sit with him during a game and give me a pitchers point of view, what yo do in certain situations, when the count is at a certain point how do you know what u want to throw. Also the relationship and trust you build with your catcher, is it the catcher the pitcher relies on to know the count and what is the best ball to throw. I know it sounds all simple and stuff but I wonder if anyone has really looked at that angle of the game.I know it sounds a little confusing but its the mechanics of it I am interested in.  Being in Australia I have to rely on the net and what games I get on television this season but I want to kind of dive in to that area  little more.

So hold on gang  just a little longer and the crack of the bat, smell of hot dogs and beer and the seventh  inning stretch will be a way of life.

On a personal note…..I want to dedicate this seasons blog to a close mate of mine who has passed. Gary was a die-hard Sox Fan going to the ranch and to games at home in Chicago as often as he could. Gary is no longer with us but is looking down watching the new season unfold.

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Looks great! Go Sox!

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