January 2013

Waiting for Spring Training

If you have seen my other blog you know I am a major sports nut. Love my Buckeyes more than anything, but always loved a good baseball game. Being from Ohio, I always followed the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians and hear about the other teams and all.

Later on I got to exploring the teams around and all I always looked at the so-called underdog team. Always hearing the jokes and cracks about the Chicago Cubs and would they ever win another pennant. It’s been 104 YEARS since they last won a series and I kind of secretly hope every year that maybe this will be there year.

I started following the Chicago White Sox a couple of years ago and love waiting to see the tweets start from the Camel back Ranch in Arizona appear on my feed. February 12 the pitchers and catchers report and the full squad must be in by February 17, with the first spring game on the 23 of February. I always love the newness of everything , the excitement and all. Learning how everyone is doing and how the boys will settle in. This also helps me not be quiet so homesick for that time of year.

For me the biggest highlight from last season was Philip Humber and his perfect game. That was amazing to watch it unfold and each inning the news coming across Twitter. I was able to find the final inning on You Tube and watch the final pitches. It was just unreal, even I was nervy and I knew what had happened. I got to watch Jake Peavy pitch a few times and he has nerves of steel.

Bear with me as I get this sorted out and all. Its going to be a great season and I can’t wait for that first pitch