Chris Sale has Changed his Sox from White to RED

Well, I must admit deep down I was hoping this deal would not happen but it has, Chris Sale is on his way to Boston

Here are the particulars of the deal as I understand it – In return the White Sox received:

Yoan Moncada – #1 ranked prospect in baseball

Michael Kopech and Victor Diaz – both Right Handed pitchers

Luis Alexander Basabe – outfielder

The Red Sox will pay all of Moncada’s contract that is left. The figure I am seeing is around 31 to 32 million dollars.


The rebuild is starting, and you should hear the screaming on my facebook page. I am still hearing rumors of possible trades with David Robertson and Nate Jones in the mix but that would trade BOTH of our closers.

More soon



Winter Meetings and Other Stuff

Avi Garcia and Brett Lawrie have both agreed to terms for a 1 year deal for each.

Winter Meetings have started and should be interesting.

Right Handed Pitcher Blake Smith was not offered a contract so he will be a free agent, taking our roster to 38.

The Chris Sale deal – deal with the fact he is NOT going anywhere. WHY, simple fact is the Sox will NOT GET WHAT THEY DESERVE! Plain and simple. You  want to go and trade your Ace, you get an ace in return. There is no one out there to head up our pitching staff in that spot. Get over it kids.

I have been hearing alot about last season and the jersey’s issue BUT do you know why it happened. According to Chris there so very uncomfortable, Chris was supposed to pitch on the night. Would you pitch in a uniform that was uncomfortable and not allow you to be the best you can be?

More news as it comes in from Winter Meetings.

Off Season News and Venting

OK, enough of the Scrubs and all of that. I don’t care any more. Yes they finally won but enough already, I have far more important things to do then to be abused by nasty fans because I didn’t get on the band wagon nor did I cheer for them. I was polite to my Scrubs mates and wished them congrats. I have seen enough post to last a lifetime and heard way too many  stories of mates of mine being abused because they did not support the other team in Chicago.

To share a little background with you, Yes I am from Ohio, I was born in Columbus. I knew that the White Sox existed and kind of followed as I was growing up and when I moved to Australia. My editor’s brother who was a massive die-hard Sox Fan was diagnosed with Cancer. A group of us started following the Sox in support of him. I got interested in the background of the Sox and all, and started reading anything I could get my hands on. My editor’s brother passed away but I stayed on and now have this blog which started as a challenge to myself but is going strong in its 4th season. I was born in Columbus and work in Chicago, and can’t wait to visit the boys at Comisky.

There is another question to be solved, what do you call it now. With the new name change, that is the discussion now. U.S Cellular does not exist any more, this past season I called home “The Cell”. So here is my question, can I still call it The Cell or is just Sox Park good enough?

Ok, Player news – Matt Albers contract was bought out, so he is no longer with the Sox, Daniel Webb has been let go (he is still listed on our injury report) , J.B Shuck is back in Charlotte, Jake Petricka, Matt Davidson and Zack Putnam are all back on the main roster.

More news when it’s available

New Coaching Staff

Joe McEwing was named the new bench coach moving from 3rd base. I loved his excitement there especially when he waved the boys around 3rd to home.

Nick Capra will be taking over at 3rd.

Curt Hasler will be the head of the bullpen.

Daryl Boston will stay at first, Don Cooper looking after pitching, Mark Salas returns as the bullpen catcher, Greg Sparks as the assistant hitting coach and Todd Steverson returns as the hitting.


When this news came out you could hear fans complaining already. This won’t work , we will be last again. My question was “How do you know it wont work?”

Only time will tell, let’s see what Winter Meetings bring.



The Final Time to Open the Office.

20160520_091808The final game of the season, by now we all know the final score and it was not a great outing for Chris.

If I could have been anywhere today it would have been in Chicago at the park to have the final game experience. I have listened to people complain all year about why bother going. Go for all of us who can’t go, share with us your favorite seat, what do you like to eat at the park. There are a lot of Sox fans here in Australia who would love to be able to go. We get up at all hours of the night here to be able to watch and try and be a part of things.

I choose to look at things a little different, I see the positives. Sure I am frustrated and wished it had been a better season but there are pieces that did work and with the right foundation we can be in the mix next year.

*Injuries — boy did they bite us and hard. It seems like center field was cursed for a long time. Losing Austin Jackson, and Charlie Tilson both to season ending injuries was really tough, both are on the road to recovery and I hope we get to see them next year. Zack Duke and Jake Petricka with their injuries really took a lot of stability out of the bull pen.

*Adam Eaton – WOW, what an amazing season in right, Baserunners learned and early that if your gong to challenge him , most likely he will throw  you out. Congrats on being a Dad.

*Brett Lawrie – I miss your excitement and silliness. Your energy  was missed and I hope that you will be back next year, you had some amazing plays and I just sat here at my desk and shook my head as wondered how did you do it.

*J.B Shuck, Tyler Saladino, Carlos Sanchez – Thank You for stepping up in a moments notice, you all have grown as players and I really hope we get to see you again next season.

*Chris Sale, Miguel Gonzalez, Jose Quintana, Nate Jones, David Robertson – This group of gentleman to me is our core of the pitching staff. Sure there have been those crappy moments but there has also been moments of brilliance and I hope you stay together.

*Hawk , Steve and Jason — Thanks for all the call of the game, learning a bit with Sox math. I have even developed a few of my own Hawkisms for fun. Not sure if Hawk will go another season. If you decide not to have another year with us Hawk then “THANKS” for the fun and the knowledge you have  shared with us.


Chris Sale is off to the showers leaving Juan Minaya the keys to the office, Jacob Turner on way to the office for the final outing for him this season. Chris Beck found the office keys under the rosin bag. Chris just turned off the office lights in the visitors half of the 9th, Chris has the door closed (2 outs) Chris just locked the door with that strike out. ( 3 outs)

Final Record 78 and 84


**THANK YOU to all of you who have taken the time to leave comments, feed back and all. Thanks to my Daughter Kendria who has come on board over at    for helping to cover games so I could have a bit of a life at times.

A Year with the Chicago White Sox is taking a break but will be back with winter news as needed

Have a safe winter and see you

April 3, 2017  for White Sox Baseball






Carlos Rodon for the Final Time in the Office for 2016

Someone pick up some milk with to have with the Twinkies

Carlos Rodon will open the office for his final time in 2016. He has had a good year, some outings were full-blown disasters but some were amazing.

Tyler Saladino had an MRI which showed a herniated L5 in his back. He is being taken care of now before being let go for the off-season.

For those who can’t see the boys are wearing white pants and black jerseys.

Tim Anderson with a stand up triple to open the pond, Melky with a double and Timmy home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead, Justin Morneau with a single moving Melky to 3rd. Wild pitch, Melky home for a 2 to 0 lead and Justin to 2nd.

Carlos is tearing it up with 5 strikeouts in a row.

7 strike outs to open the game tonight.

Adam Eaton walks on the pond to open the home half of the 3rd, Timmy goes “YARD” for a 4 to 0 lead. Melky with a double and Jose Abreu with a double to bring him home for a 5 to 0 lead

Omar Narvaez with his 1st Major league homer for a 6 to 0 lead. Spanky on 1st after force at 2nd. On a dropped pop up Spanky slams the gas, heading for home and a 7 to 0 Sox lead. Jose walks.

10 Strike outs for Carlos, top of 5th

Error on Todd, 2 runners safe and no outs in the top of the 6th, Carlos with a wild pitch and the Twinkies are on the board, 7 to 1, Twinkies with another one for a 7 to 2 Sox lead. Carlos has a loaded pond. 88 pitches to his point, 7 to 3 on the Sac Fly for Minnesota

Spanky with a single to open the pond in the 6th, Timmy with a single, Jose moves Timmy and Spanky 90 feet to 2nd and 3rd.

Carlos flipped Chris Beck the office keys on the way to the shower.

Here comes nasty Nate Jones to get the office keys from Robin.

Top of 9th and Tommy Kahnle in to close the office, lights out and door closed, Tommy just locked the door and this game is ova

**Final Score

White Sox — 7 and Twins — 3





Rays and Sox — Jose Quintana for the last time

Game 4 in the series and it is the last outing for Jose Quintana for the season. It has been a real pleasure to watch him work. Thank you Jose for a great season.

Chris Sale will pitch on Sunday. Tyler Saladino has been shut down for the season(MRI on the back). Miguel allowed 3 hits and walked no one last night, was 2 outs shy of going a full game for only the second time in his career.

Jose with a 1,2,3 inning, the first of many tonight I hope.

Adam Eaton with a single to open the pond. Spanky is safe at 2nd but he was called out and it is being challenged.

Jose gave up the dreaded leadoff walk to open the 2nd. Rays single gets the runner (leadoff walk) home and it’s 1 to 0 Rays lead.

Jason Morneau with a single to left through the shift.

Todd Frazier with the double kill to close the inning.

Jose Q gives up a home run for a 2 to 0 Rays lead.

Alex Avila on the pond with a walk.

Tim Anderson with a stand up triple, with 1 out in the bottom of the 6th. Melky ground to 2nd but Timmy scores and it’s a 2 to 1 Rays lead.

Juan Minaya got the keys as Jose headed to the showers.

Rays add another run for a 3 to 1 lead, Juan hit a Rays batter, Dan Jennings with the pond loaded, one home for a 4 to 1 Rays lead, add another for a 5 to 1 Rays lead.

Carlos Sanchez with a 2 run homer cutting the lead to 5 to 3 Rays. Leury Garcia with a surprise double, its raining.

Back from the rain delay, 35 minutes.

Tommy Kahnle in the office – He got the keys just as the rain delay started.

Bottom of 9th and Justin on with a single, Jason Coats in to run for Justin. Lights out with Todd striking out (1 out), Jason safe at 2nd, Alex  on that strike out shut the door, (2 outs) Carlos was not able to smack that ball out of the park, Rays lock the door,

Final Score

White Sox — 3 and Rays — 5



Sox and Tampa Bay — Going for 3 in a row

BUT it’s raining.

The silly season has started already as the rumor mill has it that Robin will be offered a contract in 2017. Day Hayes is reporting that those reports are inaccurate. It is time for Robin to move on, come on Uncle Jerry, you want a winning team don’t you. Well, get rid of Kenny Williams also. What has he done to help this cause, NOT MUCH.

Now with that vent out-of-the-way: It should be Miguel Gonzalez working the office today.

Adam Eaton is out of the line up again, not sure why but hoping can find out when game starts.

1st pitch is a dead on strike.

Avi Garcia with a walk, 1st on the pond.

In the outfield is the law firm: Garcia, Garcia and Coats

Bottom of 3rd and Jason Coats gets his 3rd major league double. (bottom of 3rd and it’s the Tarps on again)

pitching change for Tampa Bay — Tim Anderson back at the plate and Jason Coats on 2nd.

Bottom of 4th and Melky on with a single.

Todd Frazier goes YARD for a 1 to 0 Sox lead, Avi with a walk. Carlos with a single, Avi stops at 2nd


Rain delay of 1 hour 15 minutes

Bottom of 8th and Timmy on with a double. Leury hit by a pitch,

Miguel is out to finish this off, he just turned out the office lights, the Rays batter got a single and Gonzo is done for the season but gets a wonderful round of applause for his work tonight from the fans who are left. David Robertson on his way to pick up the keys from Robin.

Robbie with 1 pitch and a rack’em up (double play) closes the office door and locks it for the win

Final Score

White Sox – 1 and Rays – 0



Today Baseball Didn’t Matter — we were all Marlins Fans

20160520_0918080621141856_0001We join with the Marlins as they as they celebrated Jose Fernandez’s like today and how much he will be missed.

The Marlins paid tribute by the whole team wearing his number and I did read it would be retired. AS I write this I have the video playing in the background. a lone trumpeter play taking me out tot he ball game, I cant see for the tears. #16 painted on the mound. ( I did see that the Padres pitcher wrote 16 in the dirt on the mound before their game today.)

it was amazing to see the Mets Players go to the Marlins and give them hugs and support. The Marlins gathered around the mound, Stanton to the boys today if you’re struggling its OK, take care of  each other, we got your back.

Around Baseball today every game stopped and took the time to honor the loss, Alexei Ramirez hung a #16 Jersey in the dugout with permission of the Rays during the White Sox and Rays game today.

In Cuba, Jose never had a rosin bag so he always used the dirt to keep him hand dry. So prior to the first pitch, the team went and got a bit of dirt from the mound, rubbing it on the side of their pants just like Jose did.

Even the announcers for the Marlins on Fox are having a hard time.

It is a reminder that life is precious and that in a blink of an eye it can change.

Thank you for your love and support this season.

On Behalf of my Daughter Kendria over at

We would like to send our love and prayers at this time to the Marlins team and fans


Our Condolances

On behalf of my daughter Kendria over at

and myself we would like to send our condolences to Family of Jose Fernandez and the Miami Marlins at the news of his passing.