Anyone with a Broom.

I knew the boys had won today by a big margin but not expecting it to be 11 to 2 in our favour. I watched the condensed game on MLB, (thanks for those).

They are an exciting bunch of young kids, (as I call them) who have found a way to work together, building that trust and win some games.

The boys took 3 games from the Kansas City Royals, (feels good to write that) July 31, Game 1 sox won 3 to 2, Game 2 on August 1 the sox with a blowout win 11 to 5 and Sunday, August 2, its a 9 to 2 win.

On Monday the boys head to Milwaukee for a 4 game series with Games 3 and 4 being played at Rate field. On Monday Carlos Rodon will be in the office (my first look at the boys here in Australia) Tuesday its Giolito getting the office keys, with Keuchel and Gonzalez getting the keys in Chicago on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

The Indians move in on August 7 for a weekend series before the team heads back out on the road to Detroit.

**At the time of putting this blog together the boys are sitting in 2nd place with a record of 5 wins — 4 loses and just 2 games behind Minnesota.

Some News to Share

It’s great to finally see July 25 on my calendar, which means the boys are back. I know that travel will be limited. It’s only 60 games but at least we can see.

I am hearing that the game at “The Field of Dreams” will still take place but I do not know all the details .

Well, you wonder what to do during quarantine, well we know what Carlos Rodon and his wife Ashley has been up to, that beautiful package arrives in February.

It’s an interesting time for everyone, stay safe out there.

We finally have a date.

The boys will be reporting on July 1.

Games looking to start on July 23, 24th.

The staff and crew will be undergoing constant testing, if any positive test are returned that player will go into isolation.

The link below is to more information about how things will work:

Spring training will be held at Rate field.

Will let you know more when I have the info

I miss Baseball

It was a weird Memorial Day with no baseball. Looking like the 4th of July might be the same.

Here is hoping that we might get something and soon.

R.I.P Farmo

News has been shared that Ed Farmer, who called White Sox games for over 30 years, also played for the White Sox has lost his battle with Kidney Disease.

On behalf of the Chisox Sorority, we sent our love and prayers to the White Sox Family during this difficult time.

MLB Update

I wanted to stop by and give you as much information as I can. (My opinion in some cases)

To this point as of the writing on this blog, Baseball across the board has been placed on hold until May 31.

Chuck Garfien has retweeted that “SOURCES” are telling him that NBCSChicago will be showing White Sox baseball starting on what would of been opening day. The Hawks and Bulls are doing this now.

I wish I had better news, I am missing our boys also.

If by some chance I get a game or two here in Australia, I will be covering it for fun.

**Side News Former Sox Pitcher Chris Sale is facing Tommy John surgery

Hang in there, I will keep checking with you all as much as possible.

Hey Dad, Want to have a Catch?

I have been watching Field of Dreams of late. It is a wonderful movie that is also on my top 10 list.

Been skipping to when they get to see Moonlight Graham. (Burt Lancaster). It always peaks my interest in the background of those playing on the field.

I was beyond excited when I heard that there would be a game finally being played in Iowa. It was even better when the White Sox got the nod.

Fox will be carrying the game, hoping that MLB @ bat will pick it up.

I love baseball, how for a few hours you can forget what is going on in the outside world for a few hours. You get so emotionally involved in the sights and smells, the surroundings. My White Sox bucket list is to go to a game with my Sorority Sisters for a time of shenanigans and laughter.

August 13, 2020 is the magical date.

I imagine I will be watching Field of Dreams many more times before then.

5 Good Words in Baseball


that is all

What a SHOCK

Out of NO WHERE today comes the news that Mookie Betts is on his way to the Dodgers from the Boston Red Sox.

David Price is also on his way back to the Dodgers. (Sox will have to pay at least half of his salary)

IN the 3 team deal:

The Dodgers get: Mookie Betts, David Price, undisclosed cash from the Red Sox.

The Red Sox get:  Alex Verdugo (from LAD), RHP Brusdar Gratero

The Minnesota Twins get: RHP Kenta Maeda from the Dodgers

This just made the Dodgers the N.L favorites

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year from Australia

There are still rumors of the Sox adding to the team for next year. Waiting to see how a couple of things I have seen on Twitter play out.

Before New Year’s I will give you an update and my thoughts on the rebuild for the 2020 season