Our Condolences

To JIm Thome and his family on the loss of Jim’s Dad Chuck

This and That

Still no word on if Manny Machado or Bryce Harper have signed with the Sox, let alone anyone.

The trucks were packed late last week and are on the way to the ranch. Pitchers and Catchers report on the 13th.

Harold Baines has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

A Season With the White Sox would like to offer our condolences to Ron Kittle on the passing of his Mom.



Winter Meetings 2019

Meetings started on Sunday December 9 and will run all week.

The sox rumor mill is starting already.

Sox ties are talking to Bryce Harper’s camp, there is room in the salary cap.

Tim Anderson and Carlos Rodon have seen interest expressed in them but have been told they are off-limits.

Harold Baines has been inducted to the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame


Sox News — June 15th

Here is the latest news on the voting so far for the All Star game



If you haven’t voted yet there is still time to help Jose Abreu make it to the game



Sox News

Voting for the All Star game has opened.

I know a lot of people wont vote for the boys, with all that’s going on. Saying that they don’t deserve it. I vote for our boys no matter what. It’s still supporting the team. It’s a positive and at least to me the boys could use some positives now.



On June 1 Danny threw out the first pitch. How amazing was that to see him again. The doctors have told Danny that he wont pitch again this year but he can start playing catch.

I saw an interview with Danny and his wife, Danny said that he didn’t remember pitching, he was able to tell the medical staff that he had a bad headache, he threw up . Next thing Danny said he remembered was waking up 5 days later.

Even the doctor’s are so amazing on how well he is doing.


Don’t forget to vote for the all-star game.


Update on Danny

The very best news came yesterday


He was discharged from the hospital and will continue to recover at home.

Danny won’t return to the office again this season.

No news what will happen with Danny next season but from what I read he really wants to pitch again.

Only time will tell.

You can still send get well notes, just drop them off at the field or address them to Danny in care of the White Sox

Overnight News

It’s a good news , Sad news post

Danny has been up taking short walks with his wife.

Ricky Renteria’s Mom, Angela passed away. He will be away Friday and Saturday to attend the funeral and will rejoin the team on Sunday.


Our sympathies go out to Ricky and his family during this time.

Update on Danny

My understanding is Danny had a procedure on Saturday but he is listed as critical but stable.

Danny was able to visit with his Dad. He is able to respond to questions and he is able to use his extremities.

Danny was also able to hold a base-ball like he was going to throw a pitch. (Danny has been moved to the 60 day disabled list)


If you would like to send a get well card you can drop it by or send it to care of the White Sox and they will make sure that Danny and his family receive them.

Danny Farquhar

Guaranteed Rate Field

333 West 35th Street

Chicago, Illinois 60616


Continue to pray and positive thoughts, its a long road we still have to travel.




Positive thoughts for Danny Farquhar

For those who are wondering how Danny is the next days are critical. They took him to RUSH Memorial and the neurological team are looking after him.

For those of you who don’t know, Danny had finished pitching the 6th inning sat down in the dugout and collapsed.  The medical team was right there and did all they cold until the ambulance came.

The boys have written his number on their hats and hang his jersey in the dugout.

The family is asking for privacy at this time.

The club will issue statements as they feel they have information to share.

Just keep praying, Danny has a young family.


Suddenly Baseball doesn’t matter so much

The Ranch is open

Valentine’s Day had the best words a Girl could love:  “Pitcher and Catchers report to the ranch.”

The full squad reported on the 19th.

After trading him a season ago Miguel Gonzalez returns home to the pitching staff.

The boys open the spring league playing ranch mates the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday