Baseball News January 2021

New came though since our last posting that Hank Arron had passed away. Mr. Arron held the home run record in the pre-steroid era which 715, which he broke Babe Ruth’s record of 714 on April 8th 1974. Here is a bit of trivia for you, (which I never knew) who was the pitcher on the mound that day?

Answer — Al Downing from the Dodgers

Those who were inducted in 2020 but not able to go into the Hall of Fame officially will have their entry this year.

As of the writing of this entry, there will be NO 2021 class at Cooperstown this year. the first time since 1960, the 7th time since the first election in 1936. (I have never heard of this happening)

Entry in to the Hall of Fame takes a 75% vote to make it. Curt Shilling came in at 71% converting to 16 votes short and has ask that his name be removed for consideration from the 2022 ballot. Era Committees have been closed because of the virus, this years class is now closed.

July 25th has been chosen as this years entry to the H.O.F

Our Condolences

We were saddened by the news of the passing of Tommy Lasorda(heart attack) a couple of weeks ago but just a couple of day ago we received the news that Don Sutton (cancer) had also passed away. Don was 75.

On behalf of my Sorority Sisters, we would like to offer our condolences to both families and the Dodger organization during this time.

Make Room in the Awards Cabinet

Eloy Jimenez and Jose Abreu have been named American Silver Slugger Award Winners.

Elroy is the youngest play in the history of the club to win the award. He is the second Dominican born player joining Julio Franco in 1994

This is Jose’s 3rd Silver slugger of his career.

Tim Anderson joins Alexei Ramirez (2010,2014) as the only shortstops in the history of the white Sox to win Silver Sluggers

Golden Glover Winners

Congratulations to Luis Robert who is the first rookie in White Sox history to win a Golden glove.

The last White Sox outfielder to win a golden glove was Ken Berry in 1970.

“I have always dreamed of winning a golden glove and today that dream came true.”

Luis Robert

Post Season News

As most of you will know by now, Ricky Rentrea and Don Cooper have both been told they will not be offered new contracts for the 2021 season. To be honest I was a little surprised by Ricky but I think Coop was there a little too long.

One of the names I am heard this morning is Bruce Bochy. Bruce was at the Giants from 2012 to 2014 when the Giants won the World Series.

**Non related Baseball news

Our condolences go out to the Cincinnati Reds, hearing the news of the passing of Joe Morgan. I was a fan of Joe’s, was able to see him play with the Big Red Machine. That group of Gentlemen was magic to watch play

What a Season

With the silliness of the world I never expected this season to be.

The boys really came together to play some exciting ball, taking the lead in the division at times.

I was sad to see the season end so soon but I am still so proud of the boys for what they did accomplish

Take care everyone and will see you for spring training in


Where is the Broom?!

The Sox have smacked on the gas as they have gotten out the brooms again for another sweep. This time in Detroit. On Saturday Night, Jose Abreu with the hot bat, 2 home runs with a total of 7 RBI’s in two innings. The night before, Jose’s game hitting streak had been snapped, so what a way to get it going again.

I tweeted to Steve Stone asking what the magic number was, his reply was “Don’t Worry They will get there” That reply made my day.

As of breakfast in Australia/evening in the USA the Sox are sitting on top with a record of 30 wins with just 16 loses.

A full game on Minnesota and 4.5 games ahead of Cleveland.

Detroit/Kansas City are pretty much eliminated from the playoff picture.

This is an amazing team this year, they have clicked at just the right time. The boys are having fun but still getting the job done of racking up with/or coming from behind to steal the win.

I can’t wait for postseason but also what is instore for a full season in 2021

Weekly Catch Up.

At the time I am writing this the Sox are sitting in first place. (boy that seems weird to write but with the reduced season, in the home stretch) they have a half game lead on Cleveland, a full game on Minnesota.

Did you see Luis Roberts hall butt to make one hell of a catch?

**Personal Thoughts

I know a lot of people didn’t want this season to take place. Life needs to go on somehow. I get it’s not the same, not having a crowd of being able to get to the park, having the sights, smells and sounds.

I’m stuck overseas, would give anything to have that experience but its not happening anytime soon. At least I can see, the boys play.

This squad is an exciting young team, who want to play together, make some silliness but win ball games. If they are plaything this well together right now, whats next year at full season and strength going to bring?

If you are missing the boys, or ot able to see the games when they play, check out the condensed games feature on

When Lucas Giolito threw the no hitter, the condensed game was 5 minutes.

We are in the home stretch, roughly 20 games to go. Then its time to figure out the playoffs.

I’m Stunned but happy

I was wondering why my Twitter was going off, until I looked , the end of the White so game against the Twins, 1 st it was a come from behind win and 2nd we (the Sox) sitting in first place.

I can’t believe that I just wrote that.

If you are not able to see the games in full you can go to, go to the video section. Condensed games, finding your team. ESPN is not showing baseball here in Australia at the moment so I depend on the condensed games to see what happened.

At the time of writing this blog, it was early in the game with the Sox leading 2 to 0.

The Sox sitting on top at 22 wins with 13 loses.

This group of guys are having fun playing ball together. They have learned from each other, built trust have some laughs but still get the job done.

As Hawk Harrelson would say :

Don’t Stop Now Boys